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March Theme - Toys!!

Inspired by a post in a sister community I am proposing the theme for March be 'toys!'

chewbacca toy

That's the Chewbacca toy they got for Christmas and have very actively loved with their Cat's Meow in the background [which they love!]

Originally posted by superbadgirl at Fare thee well, favorite fishing toy
We hardly knew ye.

Had this toy for three years, with a bare amount of damage. I've had Abe in the house for four months and...


theme- winter cats

Thought it would be fun to see some winter kitties- inside staying warm, or outside braving the cold-
Here is Shan checking out my yard after the ice storm. No snow, just ice. She talked the whole time!
hey mom!


December Theme - holiday cats!

Shan wishes every one a Merry Christmas shan 2013xmas
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Christmas kitty

I hate you, mom.

December Theme: Holiday cats!

No kitties catching on fire in this house!

teddy chanukah1                              ida chanukah1
1909EF58-188C-4588-878A-135CCD6448A8-1928-0000018FC2842B5E-1_zps3e7a273d - Copy

Loverboy wishes you and yours peace, love, and joy this holiday season.

Unless you touch the wrapping paper. Then he'll take your hand off.

December Theme

Time to post those Christmas/Hanukkah kitties!

November theme -favorite things

No question what Shan is thankful for- her bizzykitty toy! She loves that thing- I have to put it away for her to eat her meals. She hauls it around the house- currently it is in the bathroom.
shan w bizzy

November theme

Since Thanksgiving is coming up, how about showing us what your kitty is thankful for (aside from food) - their favorite things! Every kitty has their own favorites-

Here is Tip with what she is most thankful for- my bed!
especially if it is still warm from me-

October = Autumn/Halloween etc... :)

This is Commander next to our Halloween lights when we had a party a few years back-defending her scratchy pad and watching the silly people drink :)
 photo Photo_101208_004.jpg

And anyone have tips on getting kitty pee smell out of the carpet? details of the mishapCollapse )

and I'm forced to add my favorite icanhazcheezbuger halloween cat ever:
makeitlikedis photo funny-pictures-cat-helps-you-carve-a-pumpkin_zps3194ae43.jpg

Not an entry....but a greeting :)

This is my current and only kitty, Icarus.He wishes all of you a Happy Halloween season LOL

The previous post of Big Pimp Daddy reminded me of this photo of Luke and another of his ineffective attempts at concealment. Or maybe he was attempting to look mysterious the whole time!



Big Pimp Daddy

This is my old cat Zeus, ( who passed away, bless his soul, a little more than four years ago, but he was black), pimped out in his feather toy.

October Theme--Autumn/Halloween Cats

I propose that for this month's theme we celebrate the newly-arrived season of Autumn. The leaves are changing (in certain parts of the world, at least), the air is getting crisper (in theory, though Global Warming seems to have scuppered that on the East Coast of the U.S. where I live); can Halloween be far behind? Let's see photos of your cats enjoying the delights of the season!

To start, here's Peter Pan, who is always dressed in Fall colors, making the most of the shorter days by playing Big Bad Hunter in our rosebush.

Pete in Rosebush 100113 cropped
October 1, 2013

And a blast from the past: Black cat Leia makes herself part of a Halloween display.

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August - Silly Cats - Tigger

tigger'seating photo tiggereats_zps49324b5e.jpg

My grandma inherited Tigger from a friend who passed away. He came to her at 28lbs and with the 'strict diet' he was supposedly on he dropped down to a much healthier 19lbs. He was clearly a bit Maine Coon because he'd often dig his food out. Possibly because his W/d food was served in water and soluble fiber XD

silly cats- Gypsy

Silly kitty, milkshakes are for humans!thirsty gypsy montana

this was Gypsy after a long day's drive several years back-
( Taken before Spartacus' passing)

Look ma! We love VC ANDREWS!! The taboo stories!


Silly Cats - Womble and Waffles

Womble thought she could fit in the box:

and silly Waffles...Collapse )

Silly Cats

For the August theme of Silly Cats I have two photos, one of each of my cats. They're under the cut.

Silly KittiesCollapse )

august theme

ok, no one else posted a theme for August- so how about "silly" cats! Here is Sebastian being his silly self-
post seb


Tummy time! Baby Asher :)

Before he was big and fluffy, he was small and adorable.


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