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This is Spartacus, who passed on, sadly, some years back in 2009, but who lives on forever in photos and memory. A hefty fatboy 17.8 pounds, Spartacus loved his belly rubbed really hard, with my foot.

Tummy month ~ Mr. Chips

He'll tolerate a brief tummy rub and even a quick kiss, but if you linger too long, he gets annoyed. At least he usually gives you a warning growl first though before he starts snapping at you ;)

KItty tummies!!

Bella loves to flip around outside:

Jolie is more of an indoor roller:

Tummy Month -- Princess

This is my kitten Princess, who loves having her belleh rubbed. :D

Usually when she does this, it's kitty code for "YOU ARE NOT GIVING ME ENOUGH ATTENTION AND I AM GONNA DIE NOW."

Tummy time: Asher!

This is how Asher sleeps. Apparently it's a hereditary trait, because his father sleeps the exact same way, just not nearly as often.

Tummy Month

Under the cut are shots of Lyric's and Lyre's tummys. Lyre actually lies on his back ALL THE TIME! But if you go to rub it or even touch it he will clamp onto your arm/hand with teeth and claws. It's a trap! Lyric however, will let you rub her tummy.

Kitty TummysCollapse )

Tummy month

Just stopped by today to see what had happened to this group. Great idea!
Here's Stormy's tummy. She loves to get belly rubs and always sneezes after a few minutes. So cute!


July- Tummy month

Since no one seems to be running the show, how about we call July Tummy Month & post pics of kitteh tums? Some one else can post a theme for August if our leader does not show before then...
 Here is Shan inviting a rub!
shan tumtoo
bonus tummyCollapse )


I misses you!


just another post/vote that I miss this community and wish for it to come back to life.

Anybody out there?

It has been months without activity- anyone interested in running a shuttercats_2 community? I miss seeing everyone's pics :(

What happened to our contests??

I was gone for a while and noticed that there's been no contests lately. Has this site been abandoned???

Theme week--cats/sun-- Lucky

Lucky loves sunning her buns. :)


Theme Week: Cats In The Sun -- Gizmo

Gizmo enjoying the sun while relaxing on the window sill.

 photo 039.jpg


Theme Week: Cats in the Sun- Shan

shan  in sunlight
Shan has to enjoy the sun through windows at this time of year, her allergies are terrible!

Cats in the sun: Cyril

Cyril in the sun

Cyril in the filtered sunlight of my yard.

Theme Week: Cats in the Sun--Loverboy

Loverboy in Sun 2010 resized

The front window is Loverboy's favorite place to enjoy the sun; blinds be damned!


Theme Week 118: "Cats in the Sun" (Jacoby)

Jake at Angell Memorial Animal Hospital in Boston on a sunny morning visit.



{Focus} WINNER


Congrats to Dorie Bobby and heygirl07!

**2 Week Theme**
(Voting will be Friday April 26th. I will be away Fri-Sun of this week.)
This Week's Theme..."Cats in the Sun"

{Focus} VOTING

Hi, community!
I am so absolutely sorry for falling off the face of the earth on you all. This community did not deserve that!
I have no explanation other than I had a very busy weekend of agility trialing with my dog the weekend of the last theme and then I just sort of let things go. I moderate a similar community to this, but for dog photos, and I also let that fall into silence.

Again, I am so absolutely sorry.

Last December I addressed getting some co-mods on board. I had three volunteers but have been overwhelmed by teaching the ropes and all of that. My friend raverqueenage was very interested at that time in taking over for me, and I am going to touch base with her about that.
sewcute and hotclaws - are you still interested in co-modding? If not that is fine, I know that I asked quite a while ago. PM me if you would like.
I would love to see this community get somebody who will post polls and themes and mid-week reminders all on a daily basis, and I struggle with that. (I am also horrible with archiving. Sigh.)

Whatever I decide to do, I will not go disappearing on you all again.
Thank you for your patience. ♥

Poll #1907982 "Focus"
This poll is closed.

Please choose your favorite - NOT YOUR OWN!

Dorie Bobby
Commander Purrs
Mr Sasha
Luke and Leia

I miss this community!

I miss this place! Anyone know anything? Have we discussed co/back-up moderators? lemmingpie does a ton of work here, I'm sure I'm not the only one who would be happy to help from time to time.

Theme Week - Focus - Galahad and Lancelot

'Kay. Comments aside, which have been polite, I don't need the PM hate mail or nasty commentary on my gallery photos, thanks. Facts: Cats kill mice. They're both cute. I'd much rather have one living and roaming free in my house than the other.

Shortly after we moved into our house, we had a bit of a mouse problem... We (actually Galahad) caught a wee little baby one one night, and we decided to see what our two indoor cats would do with it... this was the result.

Full album is here... The mouse was humanely removed, post kitty play...


Theme Week: Focus--Luke and Leia

Bilge cropped

Young Luke is focused on the photographer, while sister Leia is focused on mischief!

Theme Week: Focus - Mr. Sasha

Sasha & Rosie

Sasha checking out Rosie now that he can actually see her.


Theme Week - Focus - Commander Purrs


We participated in a kitty community secret santa and this was the result. That is one focused kitty :)

also I had a bunch of others I considered so Bonus pictures!Collapse )



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