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Shutter Cats

Weekly Feline Photo Contests

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**Welcome to Shutter Cats!**
A new community dedicated to weekly feline photo contests!

Thank you for visiting! This community is new, and my goal is to hold weekly themed photo contest for cat photos.

** The Way Things Work: Sunday nights the theme will be announced. Participants may submit ONE photo per contest either as a comment to the theme announcement entry, or as a seperate entry.
Voting will begin Friday night / Saturday morning, with the winner announced Sunday evening and the new theme announced at that time as well.

** Photos in excess of one picture are welcomed, but please put them behind a cut.. I can't stress this enough. (They will not be used as theme entries, of course, so please make sure it is clear which picture you want to be used for the theme.)

** When posting a theme week entry, please put 'Theme Week - Cat's Name' in the Subject area. This makes it infinitely easier when posting voting polls.

** New members are encouraged to post an introduction, and pictures are openly welcomed. Let us know who you and your cat(s) are. This isn't required, of course!

** Posts relating to cats or cat photos that do not pertain to the theme week are permitted. Obviously any sort of mistreatment of cats or discussion of which will not be tolerated.

** Questions may be e-mailed or sent through PM to lemmingpie, e-mail fiver753@yahoo.com

** If you are a dog lover, please visit our sister community, ratemydog. It was my inspiration for this community, and it has been up and running for quite a while.
(and also my inspiration for all these rules...trust me, they are necessary!)


Curled Up Cats!

Visit the Theme Week Archive to see Past Themes!